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                       RENT SOME BOARDS!

Daily Rentals

Daily rental fees are good for 18 hours unless you're renting for more than one day. 


CURRENT Inventory - 20 sets

Delivery & Pick-Up

Mileage is determined by the following starting location: 
Breezewood Ave. at Interstate 41, Neenah, WI

  • Free delivery within 15 miles

  • .50/mile - up to 6 sets

  • .60/mile - 7 or more sets


Miles are calculated round trip.



Boards, bags, and attached scoreboards.


Currently - half our rental bag inventory (16 sets of 4) are pro style bags (stop and go fabric). The other half are canvas weather resistant. 


Rental Fees are due at the time of reservation (your event is not booked until full payment is received).  
Damage Fees (if there are damages to the boards, as described below, upon return): 
- Damage above and beyond normal wear and tear (determined by a combination of the following:
large scrapes, gouges, damaged bags, leg damages) - $65.00
- Significant damages (one or both of the boards cannot be used again) - $150


We host and run tournaments. If you're looking to have a fundraiser, draw business to your venue or host a work party that has an amazing tournament - send us an email ( or text us at 920-312-0422! We can run your tournament or help you learn how to run your tournament as well. 

Click Here to view our pricing map

Local Pricing
$300 for personnel to run a 5 hour tournament

Extended Pricing
$400 for personnel to run a 5 hour tournament

Distance Pricing (any area not highlighted on the above linked map)
$500 for personnel to run a 5 hour tournament

Rental board and bag pricing is listed above or in the link below.  

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