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In 2023 we over 25 events and rented boards to hundreds of people. The boards have literally been in front of thousands of people all across Wisconsin in the past 12 months. 

We are expanding our rental fleet to include another trailer that will contain 8 sets of boards, 20 sets of bags, and everything necessary to create a cornhole tournament or have a party. The first trailer will likely be located in the Milwaukee market area and we're looking for 8 business partners who want designs on the boards we rent out. Here's the details - 

For $400 each business will get all of the following - 

  • 2 years of events, tournaments, and rentals - Wisco Baggin' owns these boards for at least 2 years (February 1, 20XX - January 31, 20XX). 

  • We will create a custom design with your business or organization logo on our boards. 

  • 2 sets of bags that match the design. 

  • At the end of two years you can stay on for $150 each year or you can keep the cornhole boards (they'll likely be well broken in). 


If you're interested and want more information send us an email at

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