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Set of 4 bags. Two different design styles


Style 1 - Burlap (about a 6-7 on the speed side), Suede (about a 2 on the slow side). This is a little more rigid in the hand right out of the box. It will loosen up as play continues.

Style 2 - Burlap (about a 6-7 on the speed side), Denim (about a 9 on the speed side). This has really nice loose feel right out of the box but it's a bit more aggressive when it comes to speed.


16oz weight, rounded corners
*Shipping not included


Order and we'll get in touch about your design ideas or email and we'll get a design created before you place your order. 

Have a really cool design idea? Email us first - we'll chat about the design and whether or not we think others will want to purchase them (and determine if the design has a good enough print quality). If we decide to sell them on our page we'll give you a $25 off voucher toward your purchase. 


Order 2 sets of 4 at one time for $95.00. 

Custom Bags

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