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Care of Product

These sets are handmade and built with care. We use quality materials purchased from several local hardware stores.  The final product won't be able to withstand continuous exposure to rain and other major weather elements so it's recommended that you store your boards inside when you're not using them. If you purchase a plain set of boards (no paint, stain or urethane) they will be more vulnerable to the weather. 


We haven't made a perfect set yet but I do guarantee that the craftsmanship is going to be quality. If you aren't 100% satisfied we'll refund your full payment upon return of the items purchased as long as they haven't been damaged. 

If you need something repaired or fixed let us know. We'll work to make sure you're satisfied. 

Bags have a 2 year guarantee - if they break open from normal wear and tear we'll make you a new set. 

It's our goal to provide you with exceptional boards so this policy is good for 60 days from the date of purchase. The only requirement is that you get them back to us at your own expense. 

**upon return it may take 2-4 weeks to remake your boards.

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