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Please email us before submitting an order for a custom sign at


Let us know what you're looking for and we'll let you know if we can make it happen. 


Pricing is based on color within the design which also helps determine the amount of time it will take to make your sign. **Very detailed logos sometimes require stickers and some intricate designs require a little more work regardless of the number of colors on the boards. If you have an intricate design or a design with a lot of text please email me ahead of time and I'll provide you with a pricing quote - usually within 24 hours.

All orders come with a free digital mock-up of what the painted design will look like, prior to production. If you're not sure what you want - we can create your logo/design for you. 

Due to the custom design of our signs they are made once you submit your order and can take up to 4 weeks to make depending on the style you choose. You will get an email within 24 hours providing you with a rough completion date.

Custom Sign

  • These sets are handmade to last but we cannot guarantee they will withstand continuous exposure to rain and or other extreme weather conditions. It's highly recommended that you paint your set and store them inside when not in use. 

  • I make these sets in my basement and backyard - they aren't always going to be perfect but I will guarantee the craftmanship is going to be exceptional. If you aren't 100% satisfied we'll refund your full payment upon return of the items purchased as long as they haven't been damaged. 

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